What is child-centered divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Divorce

In a divorce, spouses often get caught up in fighting for the best outcome for themselves regarding money and property. Parents can lose track of the most important issue: The well-being of their children. Divorce is incredibly traumatic and parents should do everything they can to shield their kids from it. Many couples in New Hampshire and throughout the U.S. are choosing to have a child-centered divorce to put their children’s best interests first.

All about child-centered divorce

In a child-centered divorce, parents do everything in their power to reduce the strain of the divorce on their child. This involves making conscious, strategic decisions that prioritize the child’s emotional health instead of a parent’s supposed victory.

Some of the basic tenets of a child-centered divorce include:

  • Putting aside revenge or justice

If your ex makes a slight or tries to one-up you, it is very tempting to do the same to them. By setting aside the need for vengeance, though, you keep the situation as calm as possible for your children.

  • Neither rushing nor dragging your feet

No one likes divorce. But rushing through things to get it over as fast as possible does not always lead to the best outcome. Neither does refusing to cooperate out of spite or in the hope of wearing down your spouse.

  • Avoiding a trial whenever possible

Litigation pits you against your ex-spouse and necessarily has winners and losers. Instead, you can use mediation or private negotiation to reach mutually satisfactory compromises.

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your child

Divorce should not consume your thoughts more than your relationship with your child does. In a child-centered divorce, you focus on communicating with your child, building closeness and ensuring that they feel secure throughout the process.

Do these criteria sound like something you would like to prioritize as you end your marriage? Then a child-centered divorce might be right for you.