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    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    “My husband, son and I were all hurt in a car accident that wasn’t our fault. Sorting the entire thing out and dealing with the insurance company was really difficult and complicated, but Attorney Corcoran and the Solomon Law Firm all fought hard for us and kept us informed every step of the way. We are so glad we called them.”

    Tara B., Barrington, New Hampshire

    “I had a really bad accident when I was cut off by a negligent driver. My hand was broken so badly it took months and months to heal. Peter Solomon and his Paralegal Colleen Menard did a great job on my case. They were always available for me and worked really hard on my behalf. I was very happy with the settlement I received.”

    Kim C., Bedford, New Hampshire

    Workers’ Compensation Cases

    “I was employed as a union construction worker and suffered a knee injury on the job. I had to have surgery and was out of work for over 4 years and could not go back to construction work. The insurance company fought my case and Peter Solomon and I had to go to multiple hearings at the Department of Labor. At every hearing, the insurance company brought in witnesses to testify against me and my claim. Peter’s preparation and cross-examination of the witnesses at every hearing and his closing statements won the day. I received a large award and I am very grateful I had Peter Solomon as my lawyer.”

    Dejan M., Manchester, New Hampshire

    Medical Malpractice

    “My husband of many years died because of bad medical treatment. I was devastated, and I did not know where to turn. Peter Solomon and his firm helped me with skill and diligence and I received a substantial sum. Although nothing can replace a person you love, I felt that a terrible wrong had been made right.”

    Mona G., Fort Mill, South Carolina

    Slip-And-Fall Injuries

    “When I slipped and fell and suffered terrible injuries, I called Peter Solomon. I knew we had a difficult case, but Peter fought hard for me and I was compensated, despite all the obstacles. Peter is a kind and real person who treated me with respect and worked hard. Call Peter if you want a fighter with heart.”

    Zoe C., Manchester, New Hampshire

    Business Law/Medical Malpractice

    “I am the President of Merchants Automotive here in New Hampshire. We do business throughout the United States. Over the years we have used Solomon Law Firm many times for court cases with good results. Recently, in 2014 and 2015, I personally had a contract dispute against a big company. They wronged me and would not budge. They hired a national law firm to prevent me from getting what I deserved. It was literally a legal war.

    Peter Solomon, and Tom Corcoran, fought them every step of the way and went right into Court to get me what I deserved. Attorney Solomon’s grasp of the facts and law and his superb courtroom skills were just remarkable and I got what was mine. When you need to fight hard, call Solomon Law Firm.

    Peter is also helping my family with a very difficult medical malpractice case. His guidance and counsel have been very helpful to us in this difficult matter.

    Peter is not only a terrific lawyer he is a good person he is there to help no matter what.”

    Robert Singer, Manchester, New Hampshire

    “I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. I was very badly injured and lost my leg. It was devastating enough to cope with my injuries let alone financial ruin. I just can’t say enough about how important Peter Solomon and his staff were to my case and me. He went to Court and fought for my rights. He not only forced the insurance company to pay me the full policy limits but he also got me an additional award from the defendants personally. Hiring the Solomon Law Firm turned my near hopeless tragedy into a new life for me with a future.”

    Ron L., New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    Products Liability Injuries

    “I was visiting an apple orchard with friends and when I went to sit on a defectively made picnic bench, it flipped over and I was thrown to the ground and very badly injured. In a second my life changed. Thankfully, I hired the Solomon Law Firm. Peter Solomon, Colleen, and his entire staff worked on my case for over two years. They did a wonderful job and I received an excellent award of money to compensate me for my injuries. They have my recommendation and great thanks.

    Annette C., Malden, Massachusetts

    Divorce Cases

    “I was married for twenty one years but finally I realized my wife and I had become increasingly incompatible. Though we never had children together, filing for divorce was still a very difficult decision for me to make. When I went to Attorney Elaine Kennedy, I had no idea about how the divorce would impact me either emotionally or financially. I was concerned and nervous, but she put me at ease and under her very able guidance I was able to get through the process better than I ever thought. When it was over, I didn’t lose my financial standing or the possessions that meant the most to me, making it easier to move on with my life. I would highly recommend her as an outstanding divorce attorney who is willing to fight hard for you.”

    Marc C., Manchester, New Hampshire

    “After my husband of twenty two years filed for divorce, I was a mess. But from the very first day I met Attorney Tom Corcoran and, Bernadette Terenzi, I began the road back to a better life. They understood how distraught I was and I immediately could tell that I could trust them. They helped me through a difficult process to make the right decisions for my future. They are a great legal team and very good people, too.”

    Patricia C., Manchester, New Hampshire

    Dog Bite Injuries

    “I’m a dog lover. So when I was bitten in the face without warning by a dog I was horrified. I contacted Peter Solomon who guided me through the claims process and who got me compensation for my injury, my scarring and the emotional distress I experienced. Peter and his staff can and will do for you what they did for me.”

    Jeanette J., Litchfield, New Hampshire